Thank You!

Posted by — 15 Sep 2006

The rebirth of JPG would not have been possible without the hard work of some amazing people. And so, before we get too distracted in all the exciting newness, I wanted to make sure we had our own little awards speech here.

First, thanks to my 8020 cofounder and good friend Paul Cloutier. If you submitted a photo to issues 2 - 6, you used his upload tool. He and I built the plan for the new JPG together over the last six months, and I couldn't have wished for a better business partner.

Thanks to Jason DeFillippo who hacked together the JPG you see before you today. Jason and I have survived many traumatic website launches, but we got through this one with only a bruised hand, two scraped knees, and a dislocated shoulder.

Thanks to 8020 BizDev king Devin Poolman for working so hard to get the new JPG Magazine into stores worldwide, working with advertisers, and generally making sure this whole plan keeps coming together.

Thanks to my JPG cofounder and eternal sweetheart Heather Powazek Champ, without whom none of this would have ever happened. Photography is her passion, and that passion has infused every part of this website and magazine.

We also had some help from some amazingly talented contractors building this site. Thanks to mortgage banker, designer, and musician Joshua Bryant, who did fantastic HTML/CSS work for us. And thanks to Ajax guru and Canadian Jonathan Snook, who worked his amazing Javascript magic for JPG.

Thanks also to Mark James for his fantastic Silk Icons, which we've used here and there on the new site. And thanks to Brian Frisk for the kickass illustrations he whipped up for our how it works page.

Thanks to our beta testers - you know who you are - who helped us find all the bugs and misspellings over the last week, and who made sure that there were some fabulous photos here on the site for our launch!

And, of course, thanks to you - the fantastic photographers who inspire us every day.

Keep shooting, baby!

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