New Issue 8 Theme: Embrace the Blur!

Posted by — 19 Oct 2006

Lensbaby 3GWe photographers spend our lives avoiding blur. We shoot fast, hold our breath, and pray for stillness. But blur is part of life, and this theme is all embracing blur: using it to draw the eye, create a sense of motion, and show life more for how it feels than how it looks.

This theme is sponsored by Lensbabies, makers of awesome selective focus lenses. They just released the Lensbaby 3G, which lets you lock your lens in a bent position, then fine focus. If your submission is selected for this theme, you'll get a free Lensbaby 3G plus the usual $100 and 1 year subscription to JPG. Cool, huh?

Please note: You do not have to use a Lensbaby to submit to this theme, you just have to ... embrace the blur!

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