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See Issue 8 Online

Posted by Derek Powazek on 26 January 2007.

Here at JPG, we know there's something really special about holding a magazine in your hands: feeling the quality of the paper, having it on your coffee table, pouring over it with a friend. That's why we're making the magazine. And it's also why were not afraid to show you what the magazine looks like.

issue 8 previewSo please come check out Issue 8 online. We've made a little preview, where you can see what it's like to page through the magazine.

We've also made a PDF version available (10mb download). It's the complete issue - every page, front to back - not some watered-down "digital edition." This is the real thing.

Why are we doing this? Because you made the magazine and we think you deserve to see what it looks like. And because no amount of pixels can be as good as holding it in your hand.

So take a look online! And if you like what you see, believe us when we say that the offline version is so much more awesome. To get it, subscribe today!

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