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What Breakthrough Means

Posted by Derek Powazek on 2 March 2007.

JPG has teamed up with the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery for the Breakthrough theme. So in addition to getting a chance to be published in issue 10, submissions to this theme may also be hung in a gallery!

Meg Shiffler is SFAC's Gallery Director. I asked her to say a few words about what "Breakthrough" means to her, and what she's looking for in the Breakthrough show. Here's what she had to say.

Hello JPG community.

I'm the Gallery Director for the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and will be exhibiting a selection of your entries at the gallery this Spring.

Like all the JPG themes, "breakthrough" can be interpreted in many ways. The entries so far are great, but I wanted to give you some more ideas chew on.

To me, "Breakthrough" is about:

  • Risk-taking.
  • Challenging the status quo - radical change.
  • Taking something to a new height/another level.
  • Cracking, fracture, rupture, breach.
  • Something fresh and utterly new - cutting edge.

I hope this note inspires you to break through in your own work. Thanks for your thoughtful submissions.

- Meg

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Meg!

What are you waiting for? Break through now!

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