JPG/SFAC Show Opening Rocked!

Posted by — 21 Apr 2007


After a year of preparation, we finally opened the Breakthrough show at the SFAC Gallery on Friday 20 April. About 300 people showed up to drink wine and look at awesome photos. There are a few photos from the opening here as well as on Flickr by Jason.

The show includes the JPG Wall (which has as all 3,000+ photos submitted to the Breakthrough theme in 2X2" squares), a display playing a slideshow of the few hundred hottest photos (as chosen by the community), the 22 photos selected by the curators of the gallery, and a selection of JPG Magazines from past and present.

The show is open through June 16, so check it out if you're in town!

Big thanks to the SFAC Gallery folks, the JPG Magazine team, and to everyone who submitted to Breakthrough for making this all possible.

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