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A Million Little Pictures Photo Project

Posted by Christi Ginger on 8 October 2007.


Here at JPG, we just love hearing about great collaborative photo events! A Million Little Pictures is an open photo project and interactive exhibition.

You sign up and send in $16 by October 10th and they'll mail you a disposable camera. Then you snap photos based on the theme of "Adventure" and return the camera in a pre-paid mailing envelope.

Finally, they're going to develop all the rolls and put together an exhibition of the final photographs. Where will the show be held? They haven't decided yet! Whichever city has the most participants gets the exhibition.

There's already over 160 cameras going out all across the US and it sounds like a ton of fun.

(link via Photojojo)

Hear about any great photo projects? Let us know and we'll spread the word!

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