Featured JPG Member: Randall Cosco

Posted by Christi Ginger — 16 Oct 2007


Lately, I've noticed that I'll see a fantastic JPG photo and then after clicking on it, exclaim to myself, "it's another one by Randall Cosco!"

Randall Cosco is a Vancouver-based photographer who takes fantastic conceptual photographs and interesting portraits. You may have seen his photo essay, People in Bed, in Issue 8. We asked him a bit more about his work and life:

Name: Randall Cosco

I love to shoot: Anything but mostly people.

My day job: Freelance and staff photographer for Adbusters Magazine

My favorite camera: I use about 12 but I still love my Leica m6.

I've found unexpected inspiration: When I am depressed.

My dream photo location: Papua New Guinea.

My deepest fear: Going blind.

I listen to: Everything from Radio Head to Philip Glass to ACDC, but no country.

The last thing I shot: A GREEN Campaign for a paper company.

I love jpg because: It's addictive and raw with little pretension.

I can't wait to: travel again.

Randall Cosco photographyRandall Cosco photograph

Randall Cosco photographRandall Cosco photograph

Randall has a ton of great work, so be sure to check out all of his JPG photographs and his personal site at www.randallcosco.com. Also, be sure to let us know if you find a JPG member you'd like to see featured!

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