Featured JPG Member: Yi-Chuan Lu

Posted by Christi Ginger — 4 Oct 2007

We're always on the look-out for JPG members with distinct and interesting styles, and we're so thrilled to find Yi-Chuan Lu. Her distorted Holga shots make you feel like you're in a full-color dream and we're loving the water influence in her work. In fact, we can't seem to find a photograph of hers we don't love.


We decided to find out a bit more about Yi-Chuan Lu and her inspiration:

Name: Yi-Chuan Lu

I love to shoot: Everything when I first see it. The first impression is more real.

My day job: Working, working, and working in Advertising Production.

My favorite camera: Holga. I bought it two years ago. I like the atmosphere taken by Holga, like walking into an imaginary dream.

I've found unexpected inspiration: Discussing things with friends and reading magazines. Everything in life is my inspiration. Even if it's a small thing.

My dream photo location: Rain forests and the Iguazu Falls. I like hot weather and places full of water and animals.

My deepest fear: Snakes. They are really disgusting.

I listen to: Gypsy music and Goran Bregovic. I love tango music too.

The last thing I shot: An acrobatics show from France, called 'Compagnie Transe Express'. It is an amazing show. They stood on cable wire and beat drums. It is dangerous and wonderful.

I love jpg because: The shots in JPG are simple and powerful. Less is more.

I can't wait to: Have a long vacation and take a tour. Take pictures everyday.

Yi-Chuan Lu photographYi-Chuan Lu photographYi-Chuan Lu photograph

Be sure to check out all of Yi-Chuan Lu's work!

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