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Featured JPG Member: Jaclyn Sollars

Posted by Christi Ginger on 10 October 2007.

I have recently become completely smitten with Jaclyn Sollars, a photographer out of Lima, Ohio. She has a wonderfully romantic style and manages to make even power lines seem soft and nostalgic. I asked her to share a bit more about herself and, as expected, she sounds quite lovely:


Name: Jaclyn Sollars

I love to shoot: Moments of unexpected beauty. Things that make your heart stop just for a second because they're so beautiful, even though you can't explain why.

My day job: Portrait and Wedding Photographer at Avalon Photography.

My favorite camera: All of them are my favorites. I have 9 different cameras and I love all of them for different reasons. It's like picking a favorite kid. You might be able to, but it just isn't fair to the rest of them.

My dream photo location: Memphis, TN. And if I could go back in time to my early childhood to take photographs (like 3-5 years old), that would be really fantastic.

My deepest fear: Going blind. I don't know how I would function.

I listen to: Jeff Zentner, Mike Doughty, Tom Waits, Ryan Adams, NPR, This American Life.

The last thing I shot: A two year old and his cat. Too adorable.

I love jpg because: It's revolutionary. It's a free and open artistic democracy AND a magazine. And who doesn't love a magazine?

I can't wait to: Go on vacation to and take pictures of rural Florida. I also can't wait to see my family.

I've found unexpected inspiration: Everywhere. There's incredible beauty in every moment of every day.

Jaclyn Sollars photographJaclyn Sollars photographJaclyn Sollars photograph

All of Jaclyn's JPG photographs are stunning, so be sure to check them out. And let us know if there's a JPG member you'd like to see featured.

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