Photo Challenge: Costume Contest

Posted by Christi Ginger — 13 Nov 2007

Outlandish dress, extreme make-up, sinister lighting: what could be a better opportunity for fantastic, fun photos than Halloween? We asked JPGers to show us their best shot of costumed revelers and we've had a ball looking at all the crazy characters. There were so many fantastic photographs, but we've compiled our favorites into a Best of the Costume Photo Challenge pdf.

The pdf is available for free download on the JPG downloads page (it's a 1.5mb download). Each photo in the pdf links back to the featured image's JPG photo page so you can easily jump to that photographer's work. Thanks to everyone who participated and download the pdf to see more great shots like these!

She dresses like this every day by Esso


Reanimated by Dave Wild


Baby Frida by Ingrid Rivera


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