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Posted by Christi Ginger — 5 Dec 2007

Gigi road

I'm so happy today to feature today one of our most inspiring members, Gigi Tindle! She is such a big part of the JPG community here and is beloved by all. For good reason too! She is a hilarious writer, adventurous photographer, and from all the great emails I've received that mention her-- a wonderful and supportive person. If you have any interest in alternative processing, double-exposures, or black & white, be sure to check out all of Gigi's photos. I'm particularly smitten with her recent double-exposures that featured a textured exposure under a great shadowed shot.

We asked Gigi to share a bit more about herself and her photography:

Location: planet earth. some would argue.

I love to shoot: old things, run down things, broken, shattered, and battered things. wide-open landscapes, bitchy llamas and smelly, barnyard animals. water, flowers, train tracks, and reflections in mud holes and windows. multiple exposures with my d80.

My day job: producer, cable network.

My favorite camera: probably one that i don’t own just yet.

I found unexpected inspiration: in the dusty turnoff that leads to a beautiful overlook; the little country store in some one-horse town; the flat tire that leads to the kind soul who shares the inside scoop on where to sleep or where to eat. the one who hands you a cold beer on a hot, sweaty day when you’ve taken a wrong turn. i’ve had some of the greatest adventures through my natural tendency to cavort with strangers.

My deepest fear: plummeting to my death while shooting at a cliff’s edge with a fisheye. holy hell, it can be treacherous manning one of those lenses. i’ve nearly bitten the dust a couple of times.

My dream photo location: any unpaved road; winding, desert trail; roadside attraction; rolling hillside; misty field. i brake for it all.

I listen to: myself and my friends. george clinton, baby. thomas waits. modest mouse. the pharcyde. wu-tang clan. the list goes randomly on…

I love JPG because: who said anything about love? it’s like the air i breathe. necessary. such a cool place to fill yourself up with great ideas and to get to know fabulous people. the photography here is so diverse and the talent divine. i’m in serious awe every time i go out perusing ‘round here.

The last thing I shot: the bird -- at a cab driver that almost ran me down. i waved to him afterwards. no hard feelings, buddy.

I can’t wait to: attend the jpger’s ball; whenever someone pulls one together. to hell with a limo! i’m going to pull up in a motorized shopping cart with suzette lucas and rachel mckinnie at my side.

Gigi Tindle photographGigi Tindle photograph

Gigi Tindle photographGigi Tindle photograph

Thanks Gigi! And thanks to all the great suggestions everyone. If there's something you'd like to see on the blog, let me know!

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