Photo Challenges

Posted by — 31 Dec 2007

We'd like to revamp the Photo Challenge section of the magazine, found on the last page, by making it more compelling, fun, and personal. We'd like to launch at least one of our new "photo challenge" themes for each issue in which we give you a very specific directive of what to shoot. The idea is that thousands of people follow this literal directive and the end result become an exciting glimpse into our culture and the differences and similarities between us all.

This first challenge is a bit of an experiment, and we're only leaving it open until the end of the week. We will select a group of the hottest photos of inclusion on the back page of issue 14. Submit by Friday, January 4th!

Photo Challenge: Shoot a Celebration

At this exciting time of year, many of us are celebrating. Either dig into your photo archives or shoot a new image of a group of people celebrating. We'd love to see a wide array of cultures and celebration types in this challenge theme.

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