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The JPGers Ball?

Posted by Christi Ginger on 10 December 2007.

Ah, I had quite the relaxing weekend, very low-key in fact. Apparently, though, some JPGers were up painting the town red at a fancy JPGers ball. We've located some photos of the party and its aftermath:

by Paul Lavallee and Nicole Gesmondi

by Rachel McKinnie

by Suzette Lucas

by Matt Adamik

by Gigi Tindle

by Bransen Samuelsen

by Danielle Kelly

by Dale Conurski

by Laura Boston-Thek

by Aaron Schwartz

by Jodie Andrefski

by Frédéric Frognier

It looks like Paul is collecting snapshots of the big event.

How do we feel about it here at the JPG office? Well it appears Laura somehow received an invitation so she thinks it's great that some of you JPGers got together for a virtual photographic shin-dig. As for me, you'll have to ask Jason.....

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