Amazing Rasterbations!

Posted by Christi Ginger — 29 Jan 2008

After six months of living in a tiny room with no windows, I've finally found a great new place! Although I hate moving, I love decorating, so I've been looking through JPG for inspiration. I'm really loving all the photos in the Photo Challenge: The Rasterbator Theme we ran a while back.

The Rasterbator is a great (and free) online tool that lets you easily make a huge blow-up of your photo for the wall. You upload the photo and it spits out a half-toned PDF version that you can print in pieces at home. I can't wait to make my own.

Check out all the hilarious and creative photos:

Voff! by Stig Andersen


Sister Sister by Shane W. Link


My Giant Manager by Ryan Glanzer


Big Blue Flower rasterbated by SarahMichelle Ogden


Motivator by Damir Ara


Home, but Not Alone by Brian Callaway


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