JPG Featured Member: Fausto Vitali

Posted by Christi Ginger — 1 Feb 2008


From the first moment I saw his work, I've absolutely loved the architectural photography of Fausto Vitali. Fausto, a photographer living in Rome, chooses incredible angles for his photos of buildings and skylines. He cross-processes many of his shots, lending incredible color and grain to his shots. His great sense of design definitely makes his images worth taking a second look!

Here's a bit more about Fausto and his work:

Name: Fausto Vitali

Location: Rome, Italy

I love to shoot: Urban landscape

My day job: I'm a 3-D modeler

My favorite camera: Nikon F6 for analog and Nikon D300 for digital

I find unexpected inspiration: In my daughter

My deepest fear: Human stupidity

My dream photo location: All the cities of the world

I listen to: Anything that makes me relax, in particular new age, soft rock, and classic.

I love JPG because: It's an exciting way to know talented people and a pleasant way to share the same passion with others.

The last thing I shot: The main palace of the Bologna Public Square in Rome

I can't wait to: publish my first photography book and transform my passion into my job.

Fausto Vitali photographFausto Vitali photograph

Fausto Vitali  photographFausto Vitali  photographFausto Vitali  photograph

He has many more amazing shots, be sure to check them all out!

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