Photo Challenge: Seven

Posted by Christi Ginger — 13 Feb 2008

Hey everyone!

Here are the results from the recent Photo Challenge: Seven. JPG members submitted photographs that best captured the lucky number seven. You can find a PDF of these creative photos on the JPG downloads page (it's a .5mb download).

seven seven up by Yotam Kellner


OK, sign me up by Rich Carlson


scissors cut paper. by Joshua Cooke


Nail by Miguel Cuenca


Feelin Lucky by Travis Middleton


Lucky # 7 by Jared Rowley


Garage door by Jamie Wynne


untitled by Henry Bowman


7 by Jt Loh


Lucky Number by Ray Ordinario


Heavenly by LJ McAllister


strobe- flash- portrait by Stephan Kaps


Corner Shadow - Seven by Harriet Green


Bowling attire by Marcus Way


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