8020 is Hiring, Join the JPG Team!

Posted by Christi Ginger — 20 Mar 2008

Hello everyone. 8020 Publishing is currently accepting applications for a LAMP Specialist Engineer. If you or someone you know sounds right for this position, please pass this information along. Applicants can submit their application online.

We are a small engineering team in a rapidly growing startup that is seeking a solid LAMP specialist that can hit the ground running. We build vertical community sites, including http://jpgmag.com and http://everywheremag.com, on a PHP 5 infrastructure. Responsibilities include helping scale these sites as they grow, on-going feature development, and opportunity for development of new sites on this platform going forward.

We are looking for an experienced PHP/LAMP Engineer with 3+ years real world experience working in multi-server, high-traffic environments. Must have a solid background in PHP 5, Apache 2, MySQL 5, CVS and Linux. A good grasp of the GD image library, Imagemagick, Amazon S3, and REST API's are required, and experience with PayPal Payflow Pro is a plus.

About Us:
8020 Publishing is a community-based publishing company, bringing the best of magazines and the web together. We have an award-winning photo/lifestyle magazine, JPG Magazine, and a new travel magazine, Everywhere Magazine. Each are community-created magazines produced from the stories, places, and photos submitted through their respective community websites.

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