Capturing the Eiffel Tower

Posted by Christi Ginger — 24 Mar 2008

Next year, the Eiffel Tower celebrates its 120th birthday. As a part of the celebration, the famous tower will have a temporary observation deck added to the top of the structure. It will be so striking to see this iconic structure altered! Here are some illustrations from the future plans:


This has gotten me thinking about the art of photographing well-known and iconic monuments. I remember returning from Paris with 100+ boring photos of the Eiffel Tower and immediately chucking any that didn't have my friends in the foreground.

I decided to pour through JPG to find some of new takes on the famous tower. Here are some of the unique images I found:

The One by michel vaqué


Berries and Tower by Natalie Wells


untitled by Lamia Haddad


untitled by Martin Morante


Here's one more great Eiffel Tower shot I found over on our sister site, Everywhere Magazine:

Look at the Little Baby! by Matt Flick


And what about other monuments? Mathieu Asselin has written a great story about capturing various views of the Statue of Liberty. Here are two of his photos:

Let me know if you've seen any other great shots of famous monuments!

(Link via the wonderful Gadling travel blog. You can share your thoughts about the Eiffel Tower's upgrade to their post here!)

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