JPG Celebs Pose with Their Photo!

Posted by Christi Ginger — 10 Mar 2008

Check out these great photos we've been noticing on the site-- people photographed in past issues of JPG Magazine admiring their image in print. It's so great to see amazing photos printed in the magazine and just as fun to see the magazines back in the hands of the people who helped make them. Thanks for uploading these!

Fifteen Minutes by Dave Roth. "Zoe, enjoying her new-found celebrity in JPG Magazine's Issue 14 theme 'Emotion Capture.'"


I Am Keenan by Jill Coleman. "Keenan thanks JPG!"


Laura Brunow by Laura Brunow Miner


self portrait with elioflex2 with self portrait with elioflex2 published on jpgmag issue 12, page 9 by andrea moussanet


Holy JPG by Manca Jevscek. "One of the pictures I took in the monestery was published in issue 9, so went to show it to the nunes. They enjoyed browsing the mag."


JPG and I by Teri Georgiou


Purely Postmodern by Jamie Goodridge


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