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Posted by — 7 Mar 2008

Just last Friday night in San Francisco, Annie Leibovitz attended her opening show at the Legion of Honor showcasing images from her latest book A Photographer's Life, 1995-2008 JPG Member Mona Brooks was in front row shooting images of the regal legend, Annie Leibovitz.

We asked Mona to talk about the evening and this is how she described it:

"You can feel the excitement among the two dozen photographers or so and about that many more writers who attended the press tour of the new Annie Leibovitz traveling exhibit, A Photographer's Life. A woman wearing all black with loose, blonde hair walks in the room almost unnoticeable. 'Click-click-click' starts the shutter frenzy that went on for what seems like forever but more like five minutes. This very private person whose life has always been behind the camera is by far the most famous photographer of modern-day art history.

Annie Leibovitz takes her fame modestly and humbly, hence the quiet entrance. Everyone anticipated and hung on every word Annie had to say about her work to her choices to display her family and especially her lifelong partner, Susan Sontag, who died of cancer. When Annie started talking about documenting her aging parents, I choked up because I'm going through the same emotional roller coaster. Annie's father died shortly after Susan. I didn't get to see the entire collection but I bought the book and the description that 'she photographs with love' is accurate.

She's not a refined public speaker and when she's asked questions that demand more thought, she is not shy about showing her vulnerability. Annie Leibovitz is as down-to-earth as her images are easy to relate to. To me, hearing her speak and being so close to Annie motivates me to go out and shoot, shoot, shoot."

Annie Leibovitz does natureCome this way, folks

That's funny, I don't like Bush eitherChris Rock by Annie Leibovitz

The images by Annie Leibovitz will be displayed at the Legion of Honor until May 25, 2008.
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