Portland Workshop Images!

Posted by — 7 Mar 2008

You might remember a blog post a few weeks ago inviting Portland photographers to join a free workshop JPG Member Josh "Mr. T" was hosting. Well, the photos are back in from the shoot and they look great!

Josh was was joined by 5 other JPG Members: Maggie "Mrs. T", Michelle", "Photo Girl", "|M|" and "Maria Tizon". He put together a day full of fun surprises which included models and costumes all ready to shoot. All 6 of the photographers brought their own vision and style to the shoot. Check out some of these examples, or go to the photographers' pages to see all the photos:

5/6 of the Photographers: Portland Art Workshop by Photo Girl


Welcome to the workshop by Mr. T


Portland Art Workshop 11 by Michelle Lane


Portland Art Workshop 10 by Mrs. T


Portland Art WS 10 by Photo Girl


Portland Art Workshop: |M|-2 by |M|


by Maria Tizon


Are you interested in collaborating with other JPG Members and want to plan a workshop? Let us know!

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