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The Brave JPG Camera Tossers!

Posted by Christi Ginger on 21 March 2008.

We're a few days into the Camera Toss Photo Challenge and some brave, and possibly insane, JPG members have embraced the new technique.

But look at the beautiful results!

Dancing Elephant by Lena Hamilton


The Tree Spins by Lyndsay Smith


Tossing my camera while on lunch by Cindy Coubrough


Tree and snow and toss the camera... by Yasmina Baggili


Spin by Melissa O'Donohue


Again, as the photo descriptions attest, near-misses, hard landings, and scary situations await any intrepid camera tosser, so don't throw anything you can't bear to drop!

Are you now a camera toss convert? Check out the Camera Toss Flickr Group to find more amazing camera toss aficionados and see some of the bravest camera throws around!

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