New JPG Emails

Posted by Christi Ginger — 3 Apr 2008

Picture%2015.pngHello everyone! Now introducing... the new JPG email! We've just made a new version of our weekly JPG news email in order to better share JPG photos and news. Plus, the old one was pretty ugly.

Some of you received the new email today, and we'll be sending it out to everybody next week! Not getting the email at all? You can change your email preferences from your JPG profile page.

One of the things we'll be including with each JPG News email is a photo and member of the week. We'll also be sharing some great photos from the themes and challenges.

The talented Serge Rolland was profiled as our first member of the week. We also highlighted the photo I Found My Prince, an adorable and dreamy photo by Adrien Evans.

We won't be blogging about these every week, so make sure you sign up for the email. Have any feedback, suggestions, raves, or complaints? Please let us know!

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