Young Me - Now Me

Posted by Christi Ginger — 17 Apr 2008

Hello! I thought some of you might be interested in an online project called Young Me, Now Me from Color Wars 2008, where people are recreating the photos of themselves when they were younger. They're so much fun!

Color Wars Young Me Now me

(Photos: Tdrapeau)

As soon as I saw them, I thought instantly of this great photograph that JPG member Carl Kuntze uploaded earlier this week:

Carl Kuntze photograph

In the description of the photo, entitled Barbara Perez, Carl explains that the woman was a famous Filipina actress in the 60's standing in front of a portrait taken of her during that period.

On a similar note, there's this hilarious photo by Ross Lace. Alex says it best in the comments, that the contrast between the drawing and reality really make it:

photo by Ross Lace

Update: How could I forget? There's also this wonderful photo from our dual-cover Issue 10. Portrayed by Paulo Alegria:

Paulo Alegria photograph

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