Photo Challenge: Wardrobe Remix Selections

Posted by — 28 May 2008

Our Photo Challenge: Wardrobe remix has concluded, and guest editor Tricia Royal has made her selections. Tricia is the creator of the popular Flickr group Wardrobe remix, which is the obvious inspiration for this challenge. Below are her 10 favorite photos showcasing each photographer wearing his or her favorite outfit from head to toe.

You can always count on us for a PDF on our downloads page, which includes the selections from this photo challenge. It is interactive, so you can click on any image and it will link to the photographer's page. You can find this PDF on the Wardrobe Remix Download Page, or you can grab the PDF here:

Download PDF (0.4mb)

Cruiser Wear by Lori Andrews


norma[|] by Kevin Reynolds Diomampo


Self-Portrait by Michael Conrad


Wardrobe Remix by Lily Greig


Gucci on 5th Avenue by Ian Witlen


untitled by lipsticktraces


Spring Fantastic by Christy Tidwell


channeling by E. Gonzales


Man About Town by Gary Fudge


137 by Lis Bokt


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