Issue 16 is Now Available Online!

Posted by — 23 Jun 2008

Yay! We've just launched the full issue, online preview of JPG Issue 16:Human Impact.

Issue 16 has got some exciting new twists! It was the official roll-out of a few new recurring themes, including Where I'm at, Nice to Meet You, WTF, and On the Job. It's also the first issue where the community showed their journalistic skills documenting Human Impact on the environment. JPG 16 also has the best shots from the themes Fresh and On the Go. What else, you ask? Pranksters invading New York, Polaroid Transfers, X-Ray Photography, Ten Tips for Shooting Strangers, and much more!

Once you've flipped through this issue on screen, you'll definitely want to hold it in your hand! You can have JPG delivered right to your door so no need to be jealous of all the lucky JPG subscribers-- get your subscription today!

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