JPG-worthy Celebrities

Posted by — 24 Jun 2008

No, JPG isn't turning into a tabloid magazine. But admit it, you're a little fascinated with celebrities. It's their soap opera lifestyle, the glamour, and the money. Envious living or not, there is always some generous water cooler buzz surrounding the celeb world.

Still in denial? You don't care about famous people, huh? Think about it. Some famous individuals actually contribute to the intellectual betterment of society—that's not saying the dolts are any less fascinating. But a quick scan around provided some great shots of some great celebrities—ones we're happy to salute on this blog.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz Getting Breakfast Outside Metropolitan Museum Before Vogue Shoot NY by Christopher Peterson

Of course we love Annie. She's one of the best visionaries of her time.


The Pork Store Gang by Anthony Neste

We are still torn up after Tony and Co. departed from the small screen.


Conan O'Brien and E.T. by Joel Aron

Which celeb are we worshipping here? You be the judge. One broke our heart, the other busts our gut.


John Legend by Brian Ach

The conviction and soul in John Legend's voice validate his last name.


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