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JPG in Atlanta (and Portland... again!)

Posted by Adam Hurly on 6 June 2008.

By now you are likely familiar with our recurring theme JPG Events: What's New. Basically we want to know what the community is doing outside of and love seeing our members collaborate outside the Web.

JPGer Kathleen Bjoran sent us some exciting news from the Atlanta area—she has been asked to exhibit her JPG photos in the month of July at Barnes & Noble in Fayetteville, Georgia. And on July 26 at 2 pm, Kathleen will be hosting a class on cross-polarization photography, which is her signature style (as seen here in Issue 16).

Kathleen will be providing the materials so that anyone can take their own cross-polarizing pictures at the workshop; she encourages attendees to bring their own plastic items, too, to "experience the magical colors hidden within".

And once again topping themselves, our Portland JPGers reunited under arrangements by Mr. T (Methinks Mr. T is collecting an impressive number of blog shout outs). Mr. T's wife, (Mrs. T, of course) wrote about the Just for Art Workshop 3.0 in their blog. This could be the best one to date! Here's a couple shots from that collaboration.

Portland Just for Art Workshop #3 by Jesse Merz


untitled by maria tizon


As always, contact us if there is an event in your community where JPG members are coming together.

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