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Photo Challenge Selections: Spiral

Posted by Adam Hurly on 25 June 2008.

We have probably abused every twisted quip regarding the Photo Challenge: Spiral theme, such as "being dizzy" from the "hypnotic submissions" in a challenge whose interpretations can "spin into oblivion".

Well, the spinning wordplay stops here with this theme. We're on the straight and narrow, and below are our favorite selections from the challenge.

Unless you're new to the site, you already know that there's a PDF available to download, which features all the selections interactively. Each image links itself to the original photograph. Here's that link:

Download PDF (0.4mb)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Spiral selections:

FERN by Les Rhoades


headless by Drew Fritschel


Hotel Ornaments and Blood Relatives by Jd DiGiovanni


daily swirl by Novara Vera


Vines by Eric Hart


Spiral Petroglyph by Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid


Prehistoric by Jacob Pierce


Amanda, Los Angeles by Jess Williamson


We Are Family by Jo Ann Shinn


Smoky Swirls by Saja H


Red Shoes by Casey Arakawa


Full Moon by Faisal Almalki


wind power by Todd Winters


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