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Shadow Photography, Part Deux

Posted by Christi Ginger on 19 June 2008.

Last month, I shared some of my favorite JPG photos that showed off the shadows here on the JPG blog.

Since then, a bunch of JPGers have sent me their favorite shadow pics from the site. I was quite impressed and wanted to post a follow-up with some of them. So here goes, Shadow Photography revisited. Thanks a lot everyone!

The Shadow of Publicity by Eric Cook


Temptation by Eric Williamson


siblings by Trey Hill


untitled by Cyril Costilhes


At Arm's Length by James Farrally II


Haunted? by Richard Seah


Grandma's Chair by Michelle Parish


the birds by Sleepless


A Bridge's View over the river by Heather Zack


shadow by Danielle Kelly


Maybe it's.... by Sheng Wen Lo


untitled by Wayne Swanson




Saturday by Kandi Champagne Cook


School Play by Debby Adler


Father and Son by Magnus Lundquist


MARIE by Ramon Hernandez


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