Be Still, My Movie-Loving Heart

Posted by — 21 Jul 2008


Believe it or not, I actually shout this sporadically around my friends. Maybe we're doing homework, perhaps grocery shopping, or even playing tennis. I'm not joking, sometimes I actually scream "I LOVE MOVIES!" solely because it's the honest truth. Laugh, all ye haters. Aren't you here because you love photography? Maybe I'll go start, then you'll be sorry.

At JPG, we've been toying the idea of having a "Movie/Film/Cinema" photography theme of sorts. You know, a place where you can homage your favorite film scenes in a single image. If this sounds like a theme you might be interested in, let us know!

In the meantime, however, I just have to shout out a few great examples. These pictures had me spinning in my swivel chair; they're so spot-on. I think we've got a few potential cinematographers in our ranks.

First, I need to give kudos to Cheyne Gallarde. From Sin City to Newsies, he's building quite the collection. But it was his Grease shoot that I found really polished.


You've also got to check out JPGer Drew Maynard's amazing photo essay with his reenactments of scenes from various Kubrick films.


And we'll call this the "Best Picture" category. All of the following are homages to films that won Oscar's top prize:

Gina Mantegna channels Gladiator


Jason Potter homages Midnight Cowboy


Adrian Zubia shows us American Beauty


Frédéric Frognier shot this Million Dollar Baby


Darren C. perfectly rehashes Chariots of Fire


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