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Geometry Upgrade + McCain and Obama Features

Posted by Adam Hurly on 1 July 2008.

It's been a thematic day at JPG. For one, we've upgraded Geometry as the third and final theme for Issue 18. It joins Democracy and On Stage; photo submissions in all three categories run until August 12. Here are two Geometry photos that we love, among the thousands of photos already uploaded!

untitled by Jaime Harrell


yellow pipes by Chris Elliott


The other addition to our Themes page is the introduction of two new features: McCain Campaign Trail and Obama Campaign Trail. Because the two candidates are seemingly everywhere, we anticipate many photos from this year's Presidential campaign. These themes give you a place to upload photos of the candidates, their families, Vice Presidential nominees, supporters, protesters, and teams. Predictably, our community portfolio will be quite extensive come November.

And of course, there are a few uploads already featuring Senators McCain and Obama.

Sen. McCain town hall meeting by Christopher Sanchez


Change by Sahid Limon


If you'd like to practice voting before the election, why not jump to the Themes page and start picking your favorites? And of course, while you're there, upload your own photos to these themes. It's as easy as pi (3.14159, that is)!

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