Photo Challenge Selections: Splash!

Posted by — 23 Jul 2008

Put on your best flippers, because the Splash! photo challenge has ended and the water is fine. Below are our favorites from this challenge, and you're all invited to the pool party to celebrate. But once you feast on these photos, you must wait one hour to swim.

Before my euphemisms dry up, here's an interactive PDF of the winners:

Download PDF (0.4mb)

And the selections are:

untitled by Brandon Sawaya


The Blue Air by Eve Neuhart


130 by David Ramos


Pushed the pin a little too hard by Howard Seelig


The Waters Fine by Jasen Arias


Detroit Fountain by Rei Golay


Waterfall Fun by Aaron Lauterer


Motel Splash by Ernest McLeod


DOWN UNDER by Jo Cardona


english summer by Eleanor Hardwick


...and breathe out by Michael G. Magin


Udo and Dana at Farallon beach by Marcelo Prieto Moffat


waterbomb by Stephan Kaps


try to fly by Jon Adams


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