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Photo Challenge: Items We Carry

Posted by Adam Hurly on 23 July 2008.

This new challenge isn't about emotional baggage, so don't start messaging me about your deadbeat boyfriend or financial woes. No, Items We Carry asks to see what's in your pockets, your purses, your man-purses, anything you carry with you on a regular basis.

The idea originated exactly one year ago with a flickr group, which was started by designer and photographer Naz Hamid. Naz asked users to show their personal necessities—phone, keys, wallet, MP3 player— and the results poured in.

Naz is guest editing this challenge for JPG, so we're playing by his rules—capture those items exclusively in your pockets or small bags (no backpacks, duffels, etc). I doubt many of you have pockets large enough for a laptop or the latest JPG magazine, so the idea is to showcase small items.

If you did this challenge on flickr last year, do it again, and link to your original photo. What's changed since then? There's one week on the clock, so start digging.

Oh, and don't post anything too revealing. Be sure to hide those credit card numbers, social security cards, driver's license information, etc...

Here are some examples to follow:

Items I Carry, 2008 by JPG editor Laura Brunow Miner


My empty pocket by Gaurav Dhup


Pocket Stuff by Dennis Blauer


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