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Photo Challenge Selections: Long Exposure

Posted by Adam Hurly on 8 July 2008.

The long wait is over. Here are the selections from our Long Exposure photo challenge, sponsored by our friends at Lomography. We saw so many terrific pictures, as this was possibly the most innovative challenge to date.

The top three winners receive a new special edition Colorsplash Chakra camera, designed by Staple Design, along with a signed copy of the Colorsplash Chakra book. Those winners are denoted below.

A PDF with the selections is available, which links each photo to its original page on our site.

Download PDF (0.3mb)

Dancing in Formentera by Marcos Fertonani
Winner of a Colorsplash Chakra camera!


Censored by Stephen Bond


dam by Dustin Boling


love by Alli Curtis
Winner of a Colorsplash Chakra camera!


Caitlin walks 2 by Penny Nannini


Wings by Paul Octavious
Winner of a Colorsplash Chakra camera!


Cannon Boat Houses At Holmen by Bo Helleskov


Ferris by Paul Lavallee


Wyrd Sisters by Aubrey Pullman


Candleburst by Kevin Collins


Love by Adrienne Pitts


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