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Photo Challenge Selections: Writing on the Wall

Posted by Adam Hurly on 1 July 2008.

One message was clear from our Photo Challenge: Writing on the Wall results: JPGers have a skilled way of capturing others' words and art on film. I wish I could jump into each of these photos to see the writings myself, but the images do a sufficient job of getting the point across.

Below are the 12 selections from this challenge, as well as an interactive PDF download that links itself to each of the pictures. Congratulations to the photographers and a big, virtual "Thank You" to those who participated. I'd paint it on the walls if I could.

Download PDF (0.4mb)

no way by Alex


Gone to Texas … Where is FEMA? by John Linton


Cuz It’s Always Rainin' by Jean Fan


Crayons by Eleanor Hardwick


Wronged by Jesse Wright


Freebased Here by Christina Brown


Graffiti Bride and Groom by Jenene Chesbrough


You Missed a Spot by Bryan Weinstein


untitled by Kevin Reynolds Diomampo


untitled by Brooke Raymond


Save Everything! by Steve Hogle


Leadership? by Mike La Rosa


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