The Last Frame

Posted by — 30 Jul 2008

And just like that, my time is up. The summer sun is setting (at least in terms of the academic year), and this intern needs to hit the books.

It has been a thrill serving this community, and I plan to stay active as a JPG member—praying I finally invest in a new camera. Thank you to every JPGer, because I have earned through this position a newfound appreciation for photography, art, and community.

A few things I learned this summer, as illustrated by the JPG community:

Like any bad haircut, a new opportunity seems uncomfortable at first. Let it grow on you, and you shall find a nice fit.

untitled by Jan Jablunka


Expected or unannounced, the world can seemingly fall beneath you, but time and patience will help rebuild. Friends, too.

Earthquake Country by Bruce Kliewe


The candid moments are the ones most memorable. You cannot plan the perfect moment.

The Candid Mantis by Danny Diaz


For the frustrations, just stop, collect yourself, and breathe because...

Paramedic after THAT call! by Justin Nash


...for every frustration, there is also bliss. Crazy, quirky, Kermit-making-snow-angels, unparalleled bliss.

Kermit Snow Angel by David Tiller


What a blessing to share this experience with each of you—JPG members and staff. Here's looking up. Farewell!

the queen by Jennifer Robichaux


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