To Blow or Not to Blow

Posted by — 24 Jul 2008

Hello, JPG members!

JPG 17 will be hitting newsstands and subscriber's mailboxes soon and you will likely notice that we are now including blow-in cards, those annoying subscription cards that fall out of magazines. I just want to take a minute to explain our decision and open up a discussion.

Myself and the team here do our best to put community and reader experience first, and to use innovative new ideas in the publishing industry. That said, we also want to be able to make sure lots of people get to see all the amazing work that comes out of this community and keep the cost of the magazine as low as possible. There are times that we have to take a step back and realize that some old ideas are still around for a reason: they work.

We're lucky to have hired Laura Simkins, an awesome circulation director who spent years at Dwell Magazine, helping us with lots of creative ideas (and some tried-and-true ones) for growing JPG. Laura told us that blow-in cards are twelve (12!) times more cost-effective than bind-in cards, and one of the best ways to increase circulation.

We've all thought about this a lot, and decided we have to get the magazine (and your incredible photography) into the hands of as many people as possible. A larger audience for JPG is good for all of us. (I love hearing member success stories!)

I'd also love your thoughts and ideas about other ways we might get the word out about JPG and the amazing photography we get to publish. Join us at our forums at Get Satisfaction for a discussion, or feel free to contact us directly.

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