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DNC me, baby.

Posted by Jen Giese on 28 August 2008.

Ahhhh- election time.

Smears are in the air, and when the talking heads won't stop talking you're providing the silence by being on non-speaking terms with your conservative father over Obama's health care policy. Worst of all, on a visit to Walgreens for Pop-Tarts, there's a creepy slack-jawed Barack Obama Doll with a goofy grin judging you from behind the counter.

Unless you've been in a Siberian cave (...or at Burning Man covered in gold body paint and lighting things on fire) you can't escape it. And now, after four days of Democratic Convention craziness, it's difficult to remember what last week was like without it. If you're a politics junkie like me, you can't help but stay glued to the tube. I know you, staring at that beautiful online HD stream with a symbolic tear in your eye for Democracy, the internet (Al Gore?) and Pop Tarts.

As usual the JPG community has got the hubbub covered. We've noticed a few members whose lenses have been active on the protest grounds and the convention floor:

The Start of a Protest by Josh Anderson

2008 DNC- Denver Street Art by Lucia De Giovanni

Decrease Police! Tell Obama by Christopher Peterson

2008 Denver Welcomes You by D. Fritschell

Obama for Rock Star by David Hilgier

... and lest we forget about the Republican National Convention. JPG'ers, if you're going to be in Minneapolis, don't forget your camera! We'd love to see both sides of the fence right here on JPG.

Those lusting for more political action can check out the Obama Campaign Trail, and the McCain Campaign Trail themes. Both are still open on the site!

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