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Posted by Lauren Sloss on 22 August 2008.

Hello my JPG friends, it's the weekend (oh yay), and we all know what that means... notes on some of the important news in the world of JPG! First of all, a heads up: we will be closing the Democracy sub-themes (Communities, Protests, New Democracies, Election Process, and Propaganda Posters) on Monday, so exercise your rights as freedom loving JPGers and submit!

We'd like to give some serious props to JPGer Ryan Schude, who is the director of photography of the short film Bunny Suits, based on J.D. Salinger's short story "Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes". If you'll be in the Los Angeles area Labor Day Weekend, check out the premier Sunday, August 31.

A few weeks ago, we mentioned the winner of the Exposure: Artists Wanted photography competition, blind photographer Pete Eckert. JPGer Bruce Hall attended the opening featuring Mr. Eckhert's photography, and wrote a photo essay on the event. Check out his thoughts and photos for a great perspective on a fantastic night.

Have a great weekend! With love, from JPG.

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