New Feature: Profile Page

Posted by Christi Ginger — 28 Aug 2008

Woo! Today we introduced new profile pages for everyone on JPG. A lot of the additions to the profile pages have come from your suggestions, so we hope everyone is pleased as punch with the new look and features. Here's a run-down of the changes:

  • Votable Photos: Now, any JPG member's photos that are up for vote are easily viewable on the first page of JPG profiles (at the upper-right). I know a lot of folks have been having to write a story or add links to their profile to show this information; now we'll do the work for you!
  • More Sorting Options: Tired of only being able to see you friends' photos in the order they were uploaded? No problem! You can now sort each others' photos by favorites, comments, and views as well. Plus, if you just want to just see someone's published or theme photos, you can filter that way too.
  • More Badges and Stats: We've re-arranged the information on the profile page to make it easy to find anyone's contacts and favorites. Plus, if you have published photos, people can see that too!

I've been having a ball revisiting the profile pages of my contacts and finding photos I had missed before! As always, drop us a note with any feedback or thoughts!

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