Photo Challenge Selections: Guess What

Posted by — 20 Aug 2008

Our Guess What photo challenge had us up in arms... trying to figure out what your pictures were! We saw some pretty amazing shots of some awfully surprising mystery objects, made more amazing by our total inability to recognize them. We love that you JPGers got so involved with each other's photos as well.
Amit Gupta of Photojojo was our guest editor for this challenge. Photojojo is a twice-weekly newsletter featuring all sorts of super photography projects and ideas, so Amit thoroughly enjoyed our JPG guessing game. These are 12 of his favorites, for the difficulty of the subject, and the coolness of the photo, of course.

As always, a downloadable PDF for you all.

Download PDF (0.5mb)

.357 Trigger by Leah Garton

Mystery by Francesca

Guess by Abby Shaffer

Bushy by Chua Siew Peng

Untitled by Ines Alijagic

Alien by Mike Hamm

Psychedelic Funk by Ahmer Inam

Any Ideas? by Hillary Stein

Untitled by Chris Whitney

Sorry About the Dust! by Mike Cranfield

What Is It? by Serge Rolland

Guess What...? by Rob Case

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