Photo Challenge Selections: Items We Carry

Posted by — 6 Aug 2008

The Items We Carry photo challenge was quite revealing, in the best of ways. With the help of our guest editor, designer and photographer Naz Hamid, we got the true inside scoop on you JPGers, inside your pockets and purses, that is.

Below are 13 of the photos that really caught Naz's attention. As you can see, the results are varied in both content and composition. If you'd like to see more carried items, you can visit the Items We Carry Photo Challenge page or visit Naz's Flickr group.

Per usual, there is a full Items We Carry PDF, downloadable for your continual viewing pleasure.

Download PDF (0.5mb)

The Necessities by Megan Lang

Untitled by Megan Lineberry

Untitled by Chris Thompson

All I Need by Mike La Rosa

2.67 Kilograms by George Constantine

Items I Carry by Branko Balić

Wednesday by Greg Papalia

Bare Essentials Plus Bird by Jo Anne Shinn

Hole In the Pocket by Thatcher Dorn

What Else Is Needed by Ken Roeder

Fair, What Is Necessary by Pilar Coll I Gatells

Carryaround by Eleonora Aldea

In my Pockets by Olivier Jaquet

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