Photo Challenge: Your Name

Posted by — 18 Aug 2008

Hey JPGers, it's time to get a little self indulgent. For this new photo challenge, we want you to capture your first name in a way that truly represents you. Let's be honest. Everyone's a little obsessed with their first name; I personally wear an "L" necklace daily (in case I forget? You never know). Anyway, enough about me (har har), we all doodle our names, display our names, and define ourselves by our first names.
The guest editor for this challenge is Marc Horowitz, whose signature series project has taken the name game to a whole new level. Marc signed his name on a US map and drove the route marked by his signature. He "improved" the 19 towns that were along his route, with everything from Anonymous Semi-Nudist Colonies to burying a town's problems.
We'd like you to stick to your first name (and are not requiring extensive travel), but be sure to make your mark.
Here are some great shots of our name to get you started.

Untitled by Jeff Clarke by Racheal Lowery

Photo Expedition by Kathy Hardin

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