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Photo Challenge Selections: Street Performers

Posted by Lauren Sloss on 27 August 2008.

The Street Performers photo challenge revealed some pretty amazing talents, of both the performers, and the photographers who captured them. If it was to be found on the street, you JPGers caught it in a photo. This challenge was sponsored by The New York Institute of Photography, the world’s oldest and largest photography school.

Check out the 9 fantastic photos selected below, and of course, a downloadable PDF for your perusal.

Download PDF (0.5mb)

Can You Feel The Rhythm... by Ursula Tillmann

Contortionist by Keith Clarke

Break Dancers 1 by Kate Wilhelm

Venetian Mask by Mojca S.

Demonic Laughter! (Mwa ha ha ha ha!) by Marshall

Soothsayer by Gary Tumilty

"Dance with me, Make me sway" by reza vaezpour

"organetto" by Valentina Fontanella

"Street artist" by Philippe Poivre

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