A Delicious Food Experiment

Posted by — 22 Sep 2008

We've seen so many vivid, interesting photos submitted to the Delectable theme—beautiful, geometric, strange food photography.

You've inspired us, and we'd like to create a fantastical food montage together: a grid of sunny side up egg images. JPG is an international community with a variety of perspectives, but we have many things in common. Sometimes it's nice to focus in on the everyday items that we share, in a fun and participatory way.

Wanna be part of it? Shoot an image of egg with round yolk, and nothing else, directly from above in a horizontal frame. You pick the background color and the distance from the egg, but for this project please keep everything else as asked for. This theme is an experiment in cooperation: people working in unison to make an interesting final project. Let's see what we come up with—join us at Delectable: Egg Project! We'll pick a set of the best images to print together in the next issue.

Some examples to get you started:

Raw Egg by Christina Kennedy

Egg by Nico Ammann

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