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Different Kinds of Faith

Posted by Lauren Sloss on 24 September 2008.

We've been watching, and waiting. And we like what we see--a lot. We've noticed some very striking approaches to the Faith theme. Faith really is a broad term, and you've taken some very interesting approaches to it. Inspired by your varied ideas, we've created five sub-themes in order to find more photos of their kind. This helps us to put together a cohesive feature on Faith around the world, and helps you know what we are looking for!

If you have a photo that fits into one of these new themes but don't want to move it out of the general Faith theme (lest you lose your comments, props, etc), just add the words from the title (IE: "Faith: Leaders") to your photo's description and we can search for it that way.

Faith: Places of Worship

Where do you go to pray?

From grand cathedrals to converted movie theaters, the places we pray are personal, revealing, and essential to the way we approach our faith.

Show us places of worship that have struck you, whether they are your own or someone else's.

Lupins by Pascal Fellonneau

Notre Dame de Paris by Joan Leong

Faith: Icons

What is the visual representation of your religion?

From stained glass windows to dashboard dolls, icons of religion are important ways of recognizing faith. Show us photos of religious imagery, both sacred and commercial.

Shop Window by Pascal Fellonneau

Oom Piet by Jill Coleman

Faith: Leaders

From small-town preachers to living deities, religious leaders are important guides to whole communities and influences on individual spirituality.

Show us photos capturing leaders of both great notoriety and local importance.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama by Reinhard Oefele

Catholicism by Sarah Dudley

Faith: Festivals and Rituals

How do you practice your faith?

Festivals and rituals embody the history and traditions of organized religions, and family practices. From small services to grand celebrations, show us examples of the rituals and festivals of your religion.

Altar Boys by Tyler Bissmeyer

Untitled by Sudeep Lingamneni

Faith: Pilgrimage

Where does your faith take you?

A pilgrimage is the ultimate spiritual journey, and can take believers all over the world in a quest for truth, understanding, and cleansing. Show us photos of this quest - either the journey or the destination.

Kaba, Makkah by Hazim Sabanovic

Hill of Crosses by Gijs Bekenkamp

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