Photo Challenge Selections: Morning Routine

Posted by — 23 Sep 2008

The Morning Routine photo challenge was both enlightening and inspiring. I now feel I know so much more about you JPGers; further, I am amazed at the number of things you manage to get done first thing. As a decidedly un-morning person, your ability to do well, anything, other than roll out of bed is quite remarkable to me.

At any rate, here are the eight photos which we felt best exemplified the always interesting morning routine. Below, a PDF for you to download and enjoy.

Download PDF (0.5mb)

Hollywood Morning by Dave Henri

Coffee and a smile by Hillary Stein

Brusha brusha brusha.... by Adrienne Pitts

self portrait with coffee and kid by mark regester

Untitled by anahita avalos

Perfect start by Rasmus Maul

Coffee & Meds by Linda Waterhouse

a clean start by Sarah Sates

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