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Photo Challenge Selections: Hamburgers

Posted by Lauren Sloss on 16 September 2008.

Remember in middle school science class, learning about Pavlov? The guy who'd ring a bell and make his dog salivate? Yeah. The Hamburgers Photo Challenge turned into my figurative bell. Before I knew it, I'd click on the Themes link, and already be drooling at the prospect of your tasty hamburger photos. In fact, writing about this now is making me hungry. No joke!

BUT, back to your photos. Our friends from Hamburger Eyes guest edited this challenge, and were duly impressed by your pop art-esque shots of the ultimate edible icon. They should know, being purveyors of a publication focusing on super sweet black and white and street photography.

Here are their 11 favorites, and a downloadable PDF that should quell any diet plans for the next year. Eat up.

Download PDF (0.5mb)

I'm Not Sure I Should Eat The Whole Thing by Jessica Hardin

Big Bite! by Geoff Stickle

Best Friend Burger by Matthew McDonald

Hamburgers,Paradise Island Beach by Corda, C. R.

Westside Burger by donald barnat

Untitled by Camillo Longo

The Ugliest by Olivier Jaquet

Big Judd's Burger by Justin "bugsy" Sailor

The Norm Burger by Lou Anne Clink

Sir Knight of Burger by Devin Hamilton

"The M666a F86668' Tye Burger by T Felland

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