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Photo Challenge: Title Me? Title You!

Posted by Jen Giese on 4 September 2008.

That right JPGers--our latest interactive photo challenge, Title Me! is now closed. We unleashed a monster (more of a silly monster than a scary one) when we asked the JPG online community to give titles to each other's photos. Soon enough we were knee deep in goofy puns, fart jokes, and some obscure Godzilla references.

So what's the next step? Those of you who submitted photos now get to take center stage and choose the best title for your photo. Once you've made the difficult decision, go back and edit your photo description with your spanking-new title. Fun!

See the titling excitement for yourself on the Title Me! Theme Page .

Here are few photos submitted to the theme with a sampling of some clever member's titles:

Photo by Dawn White

Possible Titles:

  • "Sad result of a serious shellfish allergy" by Jan Hoffman
  • "the timing couldn't have been better, as reginald was just growing out of his current shell" by Francisco Delatorre

Photo by Alessandro Tabacchi

Possible Titles:
  • "Godzilla's career as a shadow puppeteer was cut short by appalling hand dexterity." by Donovan Fannon
  • "Tokyo Warhol" by Joseph Baum

Photo by Guillaume Bouvet

Possible Titles:

Photo by missy roll

Possible Titles:

Photo by Christina McNeil

Possible Titles:

Photo by Graham Grocott

Possible Titles:

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